Everybody Always Book Review

Everybody Always is Bob Goff’s second book and the much anticipated follow up to Love Does. The idea behind this book is simple really…as Christians we should love everybody always. Bob Goff is quick to tell people he doesn’t have a lot of the typical “Christian qualifications” to write books like this. However, I would contend that he is one of the most qualified authors that I have read, only his qualifications don’t come from a seminary or a doctorate, they come from daily living out the concepts he talks about in the book.

Everybody Always, similar to Love Does, is chock full of Bob’s unbelievable, personal stories of how he simply shares God’s love with people, from witch doctors to prisoners and every neighbor and limo driver in between. These stories not only serve to hold the interest of the reader and make it an enjoyable read, they also continuously serve to point the reader back to the thesis of the book.

Bob exudes the love of Jesus in such a way that I don’t think you can have an encounter with him and leave unchanged, and this is no less true for his writing. I have recommended this book to pretty much everyone I know. In fact, our college group at church will be doing the small group version of this in the Fall, and I cannot wait to reread it then.

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