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Jack (Ft. Worth, TX) is wondering how to implement a coaching system for his small group leaders.  In this episode, Kenny and Elle share what they’ve learned about the kinds of small group leader coaching systems that work . . . and the ones that don’t.
A small group leader coach is someone who feels ownership over the development and care of small group leaders. Just like a small group leader leads students, a small group leader coach leads small group leaders.
Some churches ask coaches to show up to their youth ministry environment every week, while others ask them only to meet with small group leaders outside of church. We recommend a system where coaches attend your weekly environment alongside the small group leaders they lead.
Some churches treat their “coaches” like managers who handle logistics and administrative tasks. Others treat their “coaches” like pastors who don’t necessarily have youth ministry experience, but want to mentor small group leaders. We recommend a third approach: thinking of your coaches as truly coaches. They should be people who have practical knowledge of how to lead small groups of students and want to help their small group leaders be better.
A coach should do three things:
1. KNOW their small group leaders.
2. Help SUPPORT their small group leaders.
3. CELEBRATE their small group leaders.
While you can roll out a coaching system for your entire ministry all at once, that isn’t always possible. If that seems overwhelming, start with the small group leaders of your youngest grades and add more coaches each year until every small group leader has a coach. And when you do, be sure to . . .
• Make sure the coach role is communicated clearly.
• Give coaches the tools they need to succeed.
• Invest in your coaches as your core volunteers.
• Get out of your coaches’ way.
Giving away ministry to coaches can sometimes be difficult, but the pay-off is huge. Your job isn’t to do everything. Your job is to empower and equip others to do significant ministry. So go get some small group leader coaches!

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