What does it take to succeed in junior high ministry? A limitless string of ideas for dynamic, energetic games? An attention span only slightly longer than your students? A high tolerance level for intense body odors?

OK, it takes more than that, as Kurt Johnston has discovered after more than two decades of working with junior highers. He’s dug deep into his ministry toolbox to compile 99 thoughts, tips, tricks and tidbits that will encourage, equip, and excite you on your journey—whether you’re a seasoned, full-time youth pastor or a freshly minted volunteer.

Here’s the simple truth: Whenever junior highers are being connected to caring adults who love Jesus, good ministry will be the result. The rest is icing on the cake. (We just happen to be big fans of icing.)

Use this book to explore several major themes that are relevant to every youth worker connected to junior high ministry:

  • Programming, teaching, and staying creative
  • Understanding adolescent development
  • Leading a ministry and building a team
  • Partnering with parents

You’ll find yourself regularly returning to 99 Thoughts About Junior High Ministry for inspiration, ideas, and insights as you progress through your ministry journey. Even if you never develop that high tolerance for intense body odors.