Balloon Cup Blow Off: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This game is from Minute to Win It. We played this game with teams of 2 players each. Each team races to repeatedly blow up a balloon and use the air inside of it to blow all of their plastic cups off of their table. The first team to blow all of their cups off their table wins!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Plastic Cups. Each team had 20 cups they needed to blow off their table so we used 40 total cups. One team used blue cups, the other team used red.

2. Tables. The standard 6ft long tables work perfect for this game. You need one for each team.

3. Balloons. Medium size balloons work best, maybe like 12 inches.


This game is very simple to set up. All you need to do is put the plastic cups (face down) in a line on the tables. Start the cups on the side closest to the contestants so they have to blow them all the way across the table.

Game Play:

We played with 2 teams of 2 players each, but you can mess with the numbers and even play with just 1 player per team if you’d like. Players start with a balloon in hand, and when you say go, they begin by blowing up the balloon. When they feel like they have enough air inside the balloon, they can then try to blow the cups off of the table using the air inside. These steps get repeated until a team successfully blows all of their cups off of the table.

There are two rules:
1. Do not touch the cups with your hands or anything else – they have to be pushed by the air in your balloon only.
2. You can blow the cups off of any edge on the table except the long edge the cups started on. The other three edges are fair game.

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