Beach Ball Madness: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

We played this game with 4 players each with a sports ball bag. The object of the game is to be the first to collect all the beach balls of your color. The first person to collect all of their beach balls and place them in their bag is the winner.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Beach Balls or Balloons. You will need an even amount of beach balls or balloons for each competitor. We used 6 balls for each player and 4 players competed at a time.

2. Sports Ball Bag or Trash Bag. We used 4 sports ball bags but trash bags would be just fine as well.


Collect all balls into one area. We used two totes but you could easily use a big trash bag or two. Have each contestant equip with a sports ball bag or trash bag.

Game Play:

The game starts by dumping and scattering all the balls around the playing area. We used the front of the stage but you can get creative and dump one bag in the front of the church and one in the back. The game ends when one contestant has collected all of their balls and placed it in their bag. The first player to collect all their balls wins.

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