Behind The Teacher’s Back: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A cool way of adding a screen game with an upfront game. There is math and extra large spit balls involved. A crazy game that kids won’t believe they actually got to play at church.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Paper Towels. A couple rolls should do you. 8 is a safe number to start with
2. Small Bucket / Bowls. Anything for your students to dip the paper towels in to make a big spit ball
3. Chalk Board. Anything that your spitballs will stick to will work, a wall or piece of plywood. We used a chalk board to stick with the theme of a classroom
4. Tables and Chairs. If you meet in a school building grab some of those chairs that have a desk connected to them! If not just use a regular 6 ft table. We used 2 tables per team with a total of 4 tables and 8 chairs.
5. Color Chaos. This a great game alone but add the element of spitballs it only gets that much more intense! Find this game on Download Youth Ministry HERE.


Set up 2 “mini” classrooms. Each room should have a chalk board in the front of the room and the desks facing the board. 2 tables in 2 rows with 2 chairs at each table is how we created our classrooms.
On each table place a roll of paper towels and a bucket of water.
Make sure the tables are a good length away from the chalkboard so its not incredibly hard for them to hit the wall with their spitballs but also not to easy.

Game Play:

Once you have chosen your 8 contestants/classmates divide them into two teams. 4 on one side and the other 4 on the other. Have them sit in their chair and explain the rules of the game as a teacher.
Each side may only throw spitballs at the chalkboard if have correctly solved the color chaos equation. They may only throw as the other team is trying to solve an equation.
To start the game put up the first color chaos equation on the screen and start a 60 second countdown.
The first team to answer the equation correctly may begin to throw spitballs at the chalkboard.
They may continue to throw spitballs at their chalkboard until the other team answers an equation correctly. Then the team who answered the equation correctly may begin to throw spitballs until the other team solves the next equation.
The game continues back and forth with one team solving the equation on the screen while the other team throws spitballs at their chalkboard until the 60 second countdown is complete.
The team with the most spitballs on their chalkboard at the end of 60 seconds is the winner of the game.

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