BIRDIE ON A PERCH : Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A great game to play with a bunch of people. It always helps getting to know new people when you bump into them and push them out of the way in good competitive fashion. This one comes from our friends over @youthministryideas.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Human Beings. All you need are the students that show up to your youth group.



Pair off all the contestants playing in the game.

Place one part of the pair in an inner circle and the other part of the pair in an outer circle. They will walk in opposite directions in these circles,  one clockwise and the other counter clockwise.


Game Play:

Everyone get a partner, then the partners walk in opposite turning rings. When the leader yells “birdie on a perch” everyone has to find their partner and one has to “get on the perch”. To “get on the perch” one person must hold the other in their arms like a baby.

The last ones to pair up are out.

Fun Twists: Change what “get on the perch” means. Contestants must assume a piggy back ride position or one student must sit on the knee of another contestant.

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