Blob Races: Youth Group Games



Quick Overview:  

2 teams are tied together and race around the room, facing obstacles along the way.




Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. Pool noodles. Giving these to a bunch of students creates a hilarious obstacle.
  2. Tables. The teams must crawl under them together.
  3. Huge Bowling Pins. We made ours out of carpet tubes, but traffic cones would work just fine for this game.





Have a few volunteers ready to tie up kids and make the game run smoothly while you hype the crowd.

Set up your obstacle course (we have drawn a beautiful picture of our course to give you an idea). But be creative, and make up your own obstacles if you want.

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Game Play:

Choose two teams of about 5 students and have each team stand very close to each other. Then, tie them together around their waists with some rope.  Have each team start off in a different direction, so they have to cross paths at some point in the race. Yell “GO!” and watch the chaos unfold.


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