Bubble Wrap Roulette: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Your students will be asking you to do this game over and over again. It has the potential to get messy and involves something we all love to do… Pop Bubble Wrap!!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Bubble Wrap. You can buy rolls of the stuff at Walmart near the office supplies… who knew!

2. Different things to pop the bubble wrap. Some of our favorites you ask? Bottle of Coke, Plastic Hammer, Dog Squeaky Toy, Pinata, Foam Baseball Bat, Pool Noodle, Banana, A Doll…you get the idea. Be creative and look for unique objects, and share what works best for you!

3. A Spinner. There are a number of free spinners available online (like this one and this one), or you could invest in a real-life prize spinner.


Prepare your Spinner with all the different objects students will use to pop the bubble wrap.

Cut your roll of bubble wrap into roughly 1ft by 1ft sections

That’s it for prep!

Game Play:

Bring up any number of students 2-4 works just great. Each student will then “spin that wheel” to determine which object they get to use to pop the bubble wrap. When each student has an object put 60 seconds on the clock and let them go to town. After 60 seconds stop them and see who has popped the most bubbles. You can’t get an exact, so we just feel the bubble wrap real quick and make an arbitrary decision. Have fun with this one!

Connect With Us:

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