Bumper Bubbles: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is part of a series of games based off Mario Party 9 Minigames. If you don’t know what Bumper Bubbles are check it out HERE. Its a cool way to take a game that kids love to play and turn it into real life!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Ballons. Get multi colored ones…they look awesome all lined up!

2. String. Masonry string is pretty sturdy and cheap for this.

3. Chip Clips. These are used to clip on the string and attach to the balloon.

4. Zip Tie. Zip Tie the chip clip to the ballon.

5. Pool Noodles. No explanation needed.


Find an area that you can string up a few rows of string and balloons. String up the balloon and connect them to the chip clips with a zip tie.

Once you have all the balloons attached to the chip clips with the zip ties, then clip them all up on the strings you have hung. Next, find a spot where people can stand to swing the pool noodles and attempt to knock the balloons off the person collecting them. You are going to want to put some tape lines down on the ground to make sure they don’t block the pathway for the balloon runners. The balloon whackers can be lined up on the sides of the strung up balloons or even in the aisle ways leading to the balloons.

Game Play:

You will need 4 total teams and a total of 15 students.

Team of 4 (x2) – Pool Noodle Whackers

Team of 3 (x2) – Balloon Runners

Here is how it works. When you have selected your teams line them up in their designated spots. The runners will have to run through the whackers to get to the wall of the balloons.

Each team has three runners. On your GO, they will run through the whackers and attach two balloons to their shirts using the chip clip. When it is attached they must run back through the whackers in hopes that the whackers will be unable to whack any of the balloons off their shirt.

The team of runners who get the most balloons past the whackers are the winners.

Enjoy this game, it gets intense and it a lot of fun!

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