Candysaurus Rex: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is an incredible game that is sure to keep your students and leaders talking for a while. Who wouldn’t want to be transformed into a Candysaurus Rex just by using a T-Rex hat and some duct-tape. Collecting 10 pieces of candy, and finishing it off by eating a tootsie-roll, will make you the ultimate Candysaurus. This game is a hit!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. T-Rex Hats. We bought 2 T-Rex hats off Amazon. If you want to get creative make them yourself out of construction paper! Or, have a handy old lady make you one from some extra felt she has laying around. (Here’s the link to the ones from Amazon)

2. Duct Tape. I’m talking enough to go around each participant 3-4 times.


Your gonna want to get a bunch of candy. No seriously, I mean a bunch. Scatter the candy all over the floor. Don’t skimp here; you’re going to want the Candysaurus to have plenty of room to graze. You will also need two buckets for collecting the candy!

Game Play:

Here’s how it works. Have each person fold their arms upward, so their elbows are on their sides, but hands are up by their shoulders. Next take the duct tape and go to work. You want them to look like a T-Rex, so make sure they hold their hands in the right spot. When both of your contestants are taped up, place them on the outskirts of the grazing grounds, and count it down. Here are the rules: Each Candysaurus must collect 10 pieces of candy (one at a time) and bring them back to the collection bucket that you have provided for them. When they have collected all 10 pieces, they then must find a tootsie roll and eat it to be the winner (you must chew & swallow it to win).

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