Quick Overview:

This great game comes to us from #xbridgehsm! If you ever are looking to have your games on stuff you can use, email!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Carpet Skates. You can buy these on Amazon. HERE
2. Pool Noodles. Make sure to cut the pool noodles in half, this will allow for better control of the chariot.
3. Tape. This is for marking out the track that you want people to race on.



Use the tape to mark out the course the chariots will race on.

Set out the carpet skates

Cut your pool noodles in half


Game Play:

Each chariot consists of three participants; two pullers and one person with the carpet skates on.
Assemble two chariot teams. On your go teams have to race around the track however many times you feel appropriate based on the size of the track. Whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner.
A fun twist you can add is to have chariots start in the same location but race around the track in opposite directions. It’s always fun to watch racers try and avoid each other!

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