Catch Phrase Live: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Everyone loves this fun party game but have you ever played it in a large group! Take this twist on a great game and play it in your youth group.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Screen. You can use your projector or a TV. Just make sure the screen is behind the contestants who are trying to guess the answer.

2. A timer. We used the audio from the actual Catch Phrase game that has a buzzer at the end. You could just as easily have a 60 second countdown on screen or use your phone.


Set up your microphones. We used four total. Two on stage facing the audience and two in the audience facing the stage. It is important to make sure the audience can hear what the contestants are guessing.

Find your words. Depending on your group you might want to make them easy or make them difficult. You can go through the actually Catch Phrase game and use some of those words for make up your own.


Game Play:

The teams are made up of two people, one person is the guesser while the other must describe the word that appears on the screen. You cannot use the word or any part of the word when explaining it to the guesser.

The goal is to set it up so everyone can see the word except the one trying to guess what the word is.

When one team gets the word right it is the next teams turn.

This will give it a back and forth feel. When a team guesses the word correct they must switch positions, the person guessing now describes the word and vise versa, while the other team is switching the other team is guessing.

When the timer goes off the team that is still guessing loses.

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