Chocolate Mouth-Mallows: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

We played this game with 2 teams of 2 players each, going to head to head to catch as many chocolate dipped marshmallows in their mouths as possible in 1 minute. The Twist? Their teammate is the one throwing the marshmallow!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Chocolate Syrup and Marshmallows. 2 bottles of syrup should last for as many rounds as you want to play. We also used about 1 bag of marshmallows per round (2 teams per round).

2. Bowls. 2 bowls for each team. 1 filled with syrup, and 1 with marshmallows.


Set up two small tables, or one long table that the throwers will stand behind. Each thrower should have the 2 bowls in front of them. Make lines on the floor that players cannot cross about 5 feet apart, or use rope lines like we did.  It also might not be a bad idea to put plastic on the floor, most of the gooey marshmallows will be landing on the floor.

Game Play:

The game starts with 1 minute on the clock, and teammates standing about 5 feet from each other. The thrower picks up one marshmallow at a time, dips it in chocolate syrup, then throws it to their teammate, who attempts to catch it in his/her mouth. The team that catches AND swallows the most marshmallows in 1 minute wins!

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