Conjoined Christmas: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Teams of 2 race to be the first to wrap a christmas present – except one thing: they are both wearing the same sweater with only one arm out each sleeve. Each player can only use that one arm and must work together with their teammate through the entire present wrapping process.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Present Wrapping Supplies. You’ll need wrapping paper, scissors, scotch tape, and empty boxes to wrap for each team.

2. Extra Large Sweaters. I bought these from Walmart (if you haven’t noticed it’s my favorite store). Really they were just long sleeve t-shirts, but it’s more fun to call them sweaters for a Christmas game.


If you’re playing with two teams, you’ll need two tables – one for each team. Lay out all the wrapping supplies for each team on their tables. And one important step you’ll need to do is cut a “V” in the neck of each sweater. It allows room for both contestant’s heads to fit through the neck at the same time.

Game Play:

Before the game begins, allow the teams to put their sweater on. We considered making the putting on of the sweaters a part of the race, but since we didn’t want the sweaters to rip we decided to let them start with them already on. Once the teams are ready, start the race and students must work together with only one arm each to be the first team to successfully wrap their present. It’s not easy to do this and students will try to cheat by using their other hand to help – make sure you stress the fact that they can’t use it and keep an eye out for it.

Whichever team wraps their box first wins. Judging when a team is done could be difficult because none of these boxes will probably be wrapped neatly. We used the criteria that no part of the box could be showing, and all edges of the paper must be taped down.

And as an added Christmas bonus, we gave away prizes to whoever came to church that morning wearing the ugliest/most creative Christmas sweater!

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