Cotton Brawl: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Whenever you are missing the winter you can always pretend it’s snowing by having cotton balls fall from the sky and make it feel like Christmas again.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Cotton Balls. Get a bunch for this game!!
2. Leaf Blower (With Attachment). We used a standard leaf blower and attached clear PVC piping to the end of it. We then cut a hole big enough for cotton balls to go inside the tubing on the side of the PVC pipe closest to the lead blower.
3. Tarp. This will make your life easier during clean up, so trust us and grab a tarp for the ground.
4. Helmets. We used various helmets that we have lying around. Anything to put on the contestants head so they can catch the cotton balls with it.
5. Shaving Cream. We covered our helmets in shaving cream to help the cotton balls to stick to the helmets.




Prepare and assemble your leaf blower contraptions.
Lay out your tarp in the target zone, this is where contestants will attempt to catch the cotton balls on their head.
Put a small layer of shaving cream on the helmets.


Game Play:

Set a timer of 60 seconds.
On the hosts “GO” have people constantly launching cotton balls from the leaf blower contraptions.
As they are launched the contestants must try and retrieve them using only their helmets.
After 60 seconds the team/contestant with the most cotton balls on their helmet is the winner


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