Crowd Skee Ball: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Everyone loves the classic arcade game, Skee Ball, so we decided to bring the fun to everyone and make it a crowd game!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Ramp made out of wood from home depot. Ours was 8ft long with a prop 2ft high to give us the incline.

2. Tennis Balls. Make sure to have at least 15 on hand

3. XXL T-Shirts (x4). You can find these at any Walmart

4. Buckets from the Dollar Store (x20).



Ramp to be placed and moved on stage in front of different teams

Give two people in the middle of the group the XXL t-shirt. They are to put it on and each hold one side of the bucket. Give 4 individual buckets to 4 contestants from each team.



Game Play:

Each team should be in a section of their own, and one person is to be chosen to roll a ball onto the ramp into the crowd. Within the crowd there will be two people in a XXL shirt (each person has one hand accessible). Like ski ball, the further back it is caught the more points it will be (50 points to make it in the bucket of the people with the XXL shirt on, 25 points if someone with a bucket catches the tennis ball inside their bucket and 10 points if anyone else catches the tennis ball. One team is to go at a time.


Connect With Us:

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