Dart Knockout: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A classic little twist on you standard carnival game! And yes we did give darts to high school students and no, nobody died or got injured in the creation or playing of this game.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Plywood. We used an 8ft by 4ft piece of plywood and filled it with about 35 balloons

2. Balloons. We used the standard 12inch balloons that you can get from party city. The actual dart balloons you can buy are too small in my opinion.

3. Dart. We bought small darts that were fairly cheap on amazon, HERE is a link to the ones we used. They are not amazing but they also wont do much damage outside of popping a balloon.

4. Push Pins. We used this to pin up the balloons and pictures to the plywood.

5. Pictures/Names. We used a picture of each one of our small group leaders but you could use pictures of your students or simply just the names of each one of your students if you want.


Blow up each of your balloons to relatively the same size.

Attached each balloon and picture to the plywood. You only need on push pin for each picture/balloon combo. The picture will sit flush on the plywood and using the mouthpiece of the balloon push a push pin through the mouth piece of the balloon and the picture to secure both to the piece of plywood.

Place your board somewhere removed from other things that could get damaged by darts flying through the air.

Game Play:

Super simple, if the balloon that is hiding your picture is popped you are now out of the competition.

Start everyone along the same line about 12ft away from the board. On your go everyone must throw their dart toward the board. After all the darts are thrown start calling out the names of the leaders/students whose balloon have popped. These leaders/students can no longer compete in the game and are now out. Repeat these steps until there is only one balloon left. Whoever’s picture is behind that balloon is the winner!

This is a great game to get everyone involved without doing something that involves a lot of physical activity or brain power.

Connect With Us:

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