Dirty Diaper Relay: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Who wouldn’t want to unwrap a diaper using everything but your hands!! Fill these diapers with some delicious chocolate pudding, Reese’s pieces and Kit Kat bars. It is sure to confuse your students as they attempt to eat something that in theory should taste so good, but when eating it out of a diaper, they are grossed out.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Diapers. You will need to make about 10 diapers dependent per round. (5 per team)

2. Chocolate Pudding & Chocolate Candy. We are looking for a diaper that has the look and feel of regular diaper but has exceptional taste. We are talking chocolate pudding, Kit Kat’s, Reese’s Cups, Whoppers and anything else you think would give you the look of nice fresh diaper.

3. Trash Cans (Clean). Any sort of container that can hold multiple diapers for each team.


Make your diapers! Make a variety of kinds: some having pudding and some only having certain candies. It adds to the excitement when the students have to pick which diaper they want to eat.

Set up the trash cans toward the back of the room. Then, set up a table for each team in the front of the room for them to unwrap the diapers on.

Game Play:

Super easy, but proven to be a lot of fun! You will need two teams of two to play against each other.

The rules are simple. You can’t use your hands and you have to eat what is held within the diaper to win the game.

The first player of the team has to run back to the trash can, and without using his/her hands, they must grab a diaper. They can use their elbows, mouth, or anything else that is not their hands.

When they retrieve the diaper they must deliver it to the front of the room and give it to their teammate. The teammate that receives the diaper (who also must not use their hands) must unwrap the diaper and eat everything inside.

First team to eat everything inside the diaper is the winner!

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