Divided Trivia: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Everyone loves some good old trivia… But what happens when you put contestants behind divider walls and have them answer trivia questions in under 10 seconds? Well we found out!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Desks. We had a event at a local school and used actual school desks but a table would work just fine.

2. Colored Dividers. We bought color dividers from The Dollar Store and spray painted them.

3. Whiteboards & markers. You can also find a small whiteboard with marker combo at The Dollar Store.

4. Trivia questions. You can make up your own our use ours! Check them out HERE




4 desks put on stage with colored dividers on each desk (4 colors total)

Whiteboards and markers on every desk



Game Play:

Bring up four contestants, ask three questions in a row to all the contestants. After the question is asked the contestants will have 10 seconds to write their answer on the whiteboard and hold it above their divider wall. Whoever selects the correct answer wins a point for that question. Person with most points wins that round.


Connect With Us:

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