Donut Hole: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

One of the greatest game I have ever played. It incorporates everything amazing about any great game. Launching things, Making things messy and eating an unhealthy amount of an unhealthy food.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Donut Holes. These are called donut holes, munchkins or if you are from up north and have Tim Hortons we call them Timbits! You are going to want a lot so just make sure you buy over 100. Worst case you have left overs to give out later in the service.
2. Buckets (2 Per Team). You will want two buckets per team playing. One filled with Donut Holes and the other filled with chocolate sauce.
3. Chocolate Sauce. You need enough to fill the bottom of the bucket with chocolate sauce at least an inch deep.



Put all your donut holes in one bucket and set it on a table on one side of the room.
Draw a line on the floor that will be the closest the thrower can get to throw their donut hole to the catcher.
Draw another line on the floor, this will be the closest the catcher can get to the thrower.
Fill the other buckets with chocolate sauce.
Have a table set up for the contestants to eat off.


Game Play:

So here is how this works.
Each team has three players. (Thrower, Catcher, Eater)
The thrower must take a donut hole from the bucket sitting on the table and run to the line.
Once at the line the thrower throws it across the room to the catcher.
The catcher has the bucket filled with chocolate.
They must catch the donut hole in the bucket.
If they are so lucky to catch one in the bucket they then must run the bucket over to the eater.
The eater must pluck the donut hole out of the chocolate goodness and consume it.
Team with the most donuts consumed in 60 seconds is the winner!
Get ready to get messy and have a belly full of delicious donuts.

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