EGG HUNT: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

You do the math; Stockings, eggs and pool noodles, how could this not be amazing! This is most likely an outdoor game but if you lay enough tarp down I’m sure you can do it indoor!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Stockings. It is best to get single legged stockings.
2. Eggs. Figure about 2-3 eggs per person. You will likely do a few rounds of this and if you have extra eggs no worries, who doesn’t like a classic egg fight.
3. Pool Noodles. Half pool noodles work great. Full noodles are a little to big and don’t give enough contact to actually break the egg.
4. Tarp. Making part of this game a slip and slide makes it much more interesting and funny to watch
5. Baby Oil. Put a whole bunch on the trap to make it super slippery!



Lay out your tarp and cover it with water and baby oil to make it super slippery.

Give each student one stocking, one egg and one pool noodle.

Have everyone stand on the tarp.


Game Play:

It’s a big free for all. Everyone is on their own team. As soon as your egg breaks you are out. The only item that you can use to break someones egg is your pool noodle. It’s a big fun activity that is sure to make some fun times! Enjoy!

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