Elephant Wars: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Elephant Wars is played with 4 contestants battling it out at the same time to be the last elephant standing. The game is simple: drop an orange down the leg of a stocking, pull the stocking over your face, and swing the orange around until it tangles with another contestant’s, and try to pull their stocking off of their head. Whoever is the last person left with a stocking on their head wins.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Stockings. I bought “thigh high” stockings from Walmart, they are the perfect length and are single leg unlike the traditional two leg stockings.

2. Oranges. Try to get medium to large size oranges. Grapefruits are too big and clementines are too small. Oranges are also the perfect weight that gives you some power, but aren’t too heavy to pull the stocking off of your face.


Really the only prep we did was cut the top of the stocking off. On our stockings there was an elastic band at the top and it was making it too hard to pull off the stocking during the game.

Game Play:

Before the game begins, drop an orange down the leg of 4 separate stockings. Then choose 4 contestants who want to battle it out. Each contestant must pull the stocking over their head and face. When the game starts, the 4 contestants start swinging their orange to try and tangle it up with another contestant’s stocking and then pull the other person’s stocking off. Whoever is the last person with a stocking still over their face wins!

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