Flag Till The End: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:  

Have you build those Tub Racers yet? Well it might be worth it for this game! A team game that has a lot of variables for your students to really enjoy! Your student will have to try and grab as many flag football flags from a suspended rope while being pushed in a tub racer! A combination of speed and flags is key to winning this game!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. Tub Racers. If you haven’t made them yet you might want to start thinking about it. We have a lot of games on Fun Ninja that use them, and they also double as super handy storage units.
  2. Flag Football Belts (10 total). These are nice to have if you have some grass for students to play football in the summer time, but double for this game as flags each team will need to collect
  3. Suspended Rope. This is where you will hang each individual flag in a line.



Run two rope lines across your facility. This will be the “track” for each Tub Racer. Each Tub Racer must travel below the line while students are sitting in the Tub Racer. Make sure the line is low enough for a student to still be able to grab a flag.

Attach all flags onto the rope and space them equal distance from each other. Most flag football sets allow you to separate the flags from the belts, which allows for an easy way to attach the flags to the rope. Make sure to place all flags on the rope before you secure each side or else you will have no way to place the flags on the rope.



Game Play:

Grab two teams of three players each. If you don’t want a student pushing the cart then you will only need two students per team. The goal of the game is to have the most flags collected after one trip up the rope and one trip down the rope.

Here’s how it works. There is one pusher and two collectors. One collector stands at one end of the rope and the other stands at the opposite side of the rope. On GO the pusher spins the cart around 5 times. Then pushes the Tub Racer down the row that their flags are hanging down.


Connect With Us:

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