Flinger Paint: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:  

This is part of a series of games based off Mario Party 9 Minigames. If you don’t know what Bumper Bubbles are check it out HERE. It’s a cool way to take a game that kids love to play and turn it into real life!

This is also apart of our GLOW night. We put on a special night for all our middle school students that was full of glow in the dark everything. We replaced all the florescent bulbs in our building with black lights. There were glow stick straws to serve with our Italian sodas, glow in the dark face paint with a make-up station, free glow sticks and some incredible games. This was a huge success for us, and we hope you can translate some of what we did for your context! Enjoy these!

Supplies You’ll Need:

  1. Canvas. Any painting canvas that you can find from a home improvement will do. Depending on how big your room is and if you’re outside or not will determine the size you get. Ours in the video is 8ft by 10ft.
  2. Paint. You can buy bottles of this paint from Walmart. It’s Crayola paint, and you can buy either gallons or smaller bottles.
  3. Water Gun. HERE are the ones we used.
  4. Buckets. Any gallon bucket will work here.



If you are doing this anywhere that can get super messy, then don’t worry about making preparations to keep your space clean. If you need to keep things clean, then I suggest you doing a whole night of mess and line your entire youth room with black tarp to make for an easy clean up.

Next prepare the buckets. You will want to create a watery paint. Just enough to keep the water a good crayola color and it will shoot out of the gun very easily.

Tape a line down. This will be the line that contestants must stand behind in order to shoot at the canvas. Line the buckets up a few feet away from the tape line so they can run up to the line and spray the canvas.


Game Play:

Find your lucky contestants. Prepare them with any safety equipment you would like, aka safety goggles and a helmet.

Line up each contestant behind the line. They must not cross the line while shooting.

On your go, let each contestant spray the canvas with watery paint. Do this until the buckets are empty, or 60 seconds are over. If you are looking to do multiple rounds, make sure you have multiple buckets ready. The paint will go faster than you might think. Be prepared with about a bucket per round.

Here is the point of the game. In a very biased position, the person running the game must determine what color has the most coverage on the canvas. Whichever color has the greatest coverage on the canvas is named the best flinger painter.

Connect With Us:

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