Gaga Ball Overload: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is Gaga Ball with a little twist for when you have a bunch of players!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. 8 Walls or Gaga Pit. You don’t need to make your own gaga pit but if you have one amazing. We have used tables set up on their side to create a pit as well.
2. 4 Square Ball. Just your good old kickball with do the trick here


For us we built a 2-2.5 foot wall out of pallets we chopped in half, since pallets do not equally split in half easily we created two different arenas of different heights. Around the top edge of the arena we installed a 1X6 inch board because the exposed edge of the pallets was a bit too rough for the game.

Game Play:

GAGA BALL is a fun game similar to dodgeball, but in the round and with no team. Here is how the game is played. The ball is placed in the middle of the arena and for some reason every competitor says “gaga” in unison, kind of creepy and nobody really knows why they do it but, they do it. And the game is off, the goal is to smack the ball with your hand into any of the other competitors legs below the kneecap. The person who does not get their legs hit by the ball are in fact the winners. The reason this is the OVERLOAD version is because we would put a group of roughly 30 campers into our arenas, survival of the fittest.


  • The ball must not be touched by the same person more than one time without bouncing off of another person or the wall.
  • If the ball is to be hit out of the arena be a competitor the competitor is out and must exit the arena.
  • When a person is hit below the kneecap with the ball either directly by another competitor or by accident they are out and must exit the arena.

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