What Happens Next: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This a great twist to an amazing game by Download Youth Ministry. You can purchase their game HERE.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. What Happens Next. The game purchased from Download Youth Ministry

2. Large signs that says “A” and the other “B”. We just made ours with poster board and placed them in a wooden frame.



Super easy! Just set up your “A” & “B” signs on opposite sides of the stage.


Game Play:

Three players from each team will be called up on stage to play. Videos on the screen will play and will be paused before they end. The players will have to guess what happens next. Option A or B will be shown on the screen and people will have to stand in front of sign A or B, to show their choice. Members of the same team do not have to pick the same option, so there can be strategy. If they choose the wrong option, they are eliminated and the last person standing wins for their team.


Connect With Us:

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