Head Shots: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is a great chance to combine a bow and arrow, helmet, and anything you have ever wanted to shoot. A game to test the bravery of your students as they look danger right in the eyes.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Helmet. We used motorcycle helmets. It will be important to have the whole face protected as arrows will be flying past their heads.

2. Plates.  Any cheap plates from Walmart will work here.

3. Neft Bow & Arrow. These things are awesome for so many things. Take a look at THIS GAME for a cool way to reward your winners. You can find them HERE.

4. Anything you want to shoot. I’m talking a baby doll, inflatable world globe, bowl of Cheerios or anything that would make for a good show if it gets hit!


You will need to fasten the plate to the top of the helmet. You can use super glue, Velcro, or anything that will keep the plate flat on the helmet.

Just make sure you have a line taped out on the ground that your contestants have to stand behind when shooting, and also stand on when being shot at.

Game Play:

Here’s how it works. Two players stand behind their respective lines. They place the helmets on their heads. Place an object on one person’s helmet. The other person now becomes the shooter. They have three chances to shoot down the object on the other person’s head.

Here’s how you win. If you shoot the object off the opposing players head you have now have set the number to beat. Meaning, if I shoot off the other persons object in two shots then the other contestant only has two shots to shoot off my object.

Take turns of three shots on each side until a winner is crowned!

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