HOLY BUCKETS: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A great game to play outside on a warm summer day! Get ready for some Holy Buckets. This is a game some may think is a little gross but will prove to be very entertaining.


Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Buckets. The dollar tree sells these laundry basket/buckets that are perfect size!
2. Gum. Lots and lots of gum! Go get the bulk container of double bubble and then get another container for good luck.
3. Garbage Can. You will use this to hold water.
4. Cups. Whatever size you want to use to transport water from the garbage can to the “Holy Bucket”.




Place the garbage can on one side of the playing area and the Holy Buckets, Gum and Cups on the other side.
Fill the garbage can with water.



Game Play:

When the game starts, teams must chew their gum and use it to plug the holes in the Holy Buckets. When they feel the bucket is fully patched, and all the holes covered they must then use the cups to transport water from the garbage can to the Holy Bucket. The first team to fill their Holy Bucket with water to the point of overflowing is the winner.


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