How To Build Picnic Boards: Youth Group Games

This is a Classic Game that can be used both as a game during your ministry night, or as a team building activity for your student leaders. This is super easy and can be used over and over again for so many purposes.

Building in Steps:

Things you will need:

  • Jigsaw
  • Table or Circular Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Drill
  • Incredible knot tying skills

Step One: Buy your goods

Ply Wood. Two sheets of the cheapest 3/4 inch plywood will do ya.
Rope. Around 75 feet of a relatively thick piece of rope. Not too thick, as the rope will be going up and under the board.

Step Two: Cutting

First cut each plywood down the middle (hot dog style) to leave yourself with 4 pieces of plywood that are 2ftx8ft. Use the table or circular saw for this.

Next you are going to want to round the corners off with a jigsaw. Make them round enough, so even if they run into something, they won’t put a huge hole through the wall or someones leg.


Step Three: Drilling

After your boards are all cut and looking nice, you’re going to want to get your measuring tape out. Measure out 2ft from the back of the board. Making marks at 2ft, 4ft and 6ft. Using those marks as your center dot, measure out 6 inches on each side, and mark those spots with an X. Drill a hole where you have placed your X (you should have 6 per board). It should be a big enough hole to let the rope slide through with ease.


Step Four: Tying

You might have to get your old boy scouts book out for this one. (Not really.)

Cut 12 sections of rope all 6ft long.

Next, loop the rope from the top of the board (the part you will be standing on), and down through the hole at the 2ft mark. Loop it up and through the other hole at the 2ft mark, creating a loop that is supporting the board. Make sure the ropes even out and tie your knot. This will give each person something to hold onto.

Repeat for the 4ft and 6ft mark on each board.


Step Five: Enjoy

Check out this awesome game that you can use these for!

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