How To Make Slime: Youth Group Games

What’s that oozing goo of green goodness sliding down the side of a bucket ready to be poured over the head of a willing participant?

But of course… SLIME!!!

So you think you can utilize slime in your environment to have fun? Of course you can. That’s a no brainer. Simply gather these supplies, mix them together, and have fun!


Step One: Grab the goods (well, pay for them at the store)

  • One (1) 1-gallon bucket/ empty paint can
  • Two (2) small bags of flour
  • Six (6) packs of lime Jell-O (or three double packs)
  • A small amount of shampoo (for texture)
  • Water
  • One (1) bottle of green food coloring

Step Two: Mix it Up

This is where the paint can comes in handy. Set the paint can down and mix everything else inside.
Note: How much water you add depends on how thick you want the slime.

Step Three: Smile!

You did just make slime after all. It’s good to pause and reflect on how far you have traveled… or anticipate the joy you are about to experience.

Step Four: Dump the Gunk

This is the best part by far! In your environment, figure out an awesome way to dump the slime over the head of a willing participant.


Only a small amount of slime will NOT hit the floor, so be sure to think through clean up. We dump slime over someone who is sitting/ standing in an inflatable kid pool covered with painters plastic.

Get creative for ways you can use alike in your environment. We’d love to hear how you utilize slime to create an OMG factor in your ministry.

Stay tuned, when I get a moment I’ll write a post on how to simply build a setup for dumping slime (or anything) using the paint bucket I mentioned earlier.

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