We’re still going strong with this little “How to Make Your Office Awesome” series. So far, I’ve shared some tips for de-cluttering your workspace, a tutorial on how to make a wooden pallet wall, and a tutorial on how to make yourself some custom dry erase boards. I’ve got a few more ideas coming this week, starting with this gem from my favorite boy Kenny’s office…


Being a youth pastor is pretty much synonymous with having an epic collection of t-shirts. So, if you’re looking for a cool (and affordable) way to decorate your office, take a few minutes, dig out your old youth ministry t-shirts, and you’ve got the raw materials for some pretty incredible office decor.


Want to learn how to make it? Of course you do. Because it’s awesome.

31e3To get started, gather up all the supplies I’ve listed over there on the right. If you’re not familiar with canvas stretcher strips, they look like this. Once you’ve got all your supplies, you can get started on your first shirt…

1. CONNECT 4 CANVAS STRETCHER STRIPS TO MAKE A 12″ SQUARE. These are super easy to use. They simply snap together to create a very durable frame.

2. LINE UP YOUR T-SHIRT AND CUT AWAY EXCESS FABRIC. Large or extra large t-shirts work best for this because they give you plenty of fabric to work with. Center your design on the canvas stretchers and pull the fabric back around the frame, like you’re wrapping a present. Once you get a feel for how much fabric you’ll need, cut away the excess fabric, like the sleeves and lower hem.

3. START STAPLING. Keeping the design centered on the frame, lay it face down on a flat surface. Starting at the top, fold the fabric back over the frame and staple it in place. Then move around all four edges, pulling the fabric tight (but evenly!), and stapling as you go. Remember – like you’re wrapping a present.

4. HANG IT. These are pretty light-weight, so a couple of nails (or those removable adhesive wall strips) will do the trick for each frame.


You can get creative with this, too. Try different sizes canvas stretchers, interesting layouts on your wall, or mix up the t-shirts by framing different patterned fabrics alongside them.

So… you think you’ll try it?