Human Foosball: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Everyone loves the standard foosball, but when you make it life size, it only makes everything better! This requires team work and strategy, but it’s super fun as well! Make sure to try this game out!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. PVC Pipes (12).  You can pick these up at any local hardware store. They are around 8ft, but can be any length.

2. Poof Balls. You can buy these at Walmart HERE.

3. Spray Paint. This will be to mark the lines on the field for where the students can go.

4. Soccer Goals. If you don’t have goals, then you can just set up cones to mark out the goals.


You will want to spray paint a field perimeter on the field you are playing on. Then spray 8 lines on the field. You want to spray these similar to how a foosball table is set up.

Here is how the PVP pipes will fall on the lines:

TB = Team Blue

TR = Team Red

GOAL   |   TB Goalie  TB Defense  TR Offense  TB Offense TR Offense TB Offense TR Defense TR Goalie   |   GOAL

GOAL   |       1 PVC       1 PVC                2 PVC         2 PVC          2 PVC            2 PVC         1 PVC           1 PVC       |   GOAL

Game Play:

Students will be lined up similar to that of a foosball table. They will only be allowed to move side to side, and not forward or backward, as well as not being able to lift their hands off the pole at any point. From there, it works like foosball!

Then after they get the hang of it, add more balls to the mix.

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