Human Space Invaders: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Most of your students won’t even know what Space Invaders is but this is a great way to give them a taste of what arcade games were like, only now we are going to do it with real people!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Spike Tape. We use this tape all the time as it is super bright and easy to apply anywhere
2. Dodgeballs.You will probably want a over 20 dodgeball for this game. If you don’t have all dodgeballs, that’s fine, just find some beachballs or kickballs as those should work as well.
3. Blindfold. This will be used to cover the contestants eyes.



On the ground tape out a path for contestants to walk on. You are going to want there to be right angle turns on the tape path. Take a look at the video for how we have found it works best to tape the lines.
Put all your dodgeballs on stage with a blindfold.


Game Play:

This is a game that so many people can be involved in. You will need one person to be the thrower as well and one other person that will help the thrower know where to throw as well as hand the thrower a new dodgeball after ever throw.
Grab anyone else that is wanting to play and have them line up in the back of the room where you taped your lines.
The invaders have to take one step at a time and always bring their feet back together. This will allow the invaders to move slowly and give more opportunities for the thrower to hit them.
Blindfold your thrower and on your go the thrower must start throwing balls toward the invaders. The invaders are not allowed to dodge a ball, they can only stay the course moving along the taped line.
The invaders get a point for every person who completes a whole tape line without getting hit. If an invader is hit they have to remove themselves from the tape line.
Aim to have 3-5 people start on each tape line.
The thrower who has the least amount of invaders successfully cross over the finish line is the winner.

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