Izzy Dizzy: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A great way to get everyone dizzy and compete against each other. Try running across a field after spinning around a few times, now try doing that with a cup full of water, welcome to izzy dizzy

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Two Baseball Bats. These will be used to spin around and make everyone a little extra dizzy
2. 5 Gallon Bucket (x4). Two of which will be full of water, the other two will be empty
3. Disposable Cups. Anyone playing in this game will need a cup


This is your basic “izzy dizzy” spinning around a baseball bat relay with a twist. Set up one bucket full of water with the bat at the start of the relay, and the empty bucket on the far end of the relay.

Game Play:

Get two equal teams and have them form lines behind their bat, the first person in the line will take the bat, while keeping the bat on the ground place their forehead on the bat and spin their body around the bat 10-20 times. After they have completed the appropriate number of spins they are to dip a cup into the bucket of water, filling it with water with the goal of pouring it in their designated empty bucket at the end of the relay. Once the runner attempts to pour their cup in the bucket they are to return to the start of the relay to indicate the next runner can begin spinning.

  • TIP: for us we had such large teams that as soon as the first runner finished spinning and started running we would set the next runner spinning to expedite the process.

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