MOVE UP DAY: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

As school is just around the corner or just started, why not make a big deal of all the students that are moving up into your ministry. We have 5th grade students joining our middle school ministry in a few weeks and we will be doing this for them!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Party Supplies. It can be anything from confetti to a banana suit. You will want to set this moment in time apart from everything else! Make these students feel like the most important people in the world. Make a big sign, have them run through a finish line or have them escorted by a monkey on a scooter. Whatever you can do to make it amazing for your students… DO IT.


Get all of your party supplies ready.

Let all your small group leaders know what you are doing and their job is to make your new students feel incredibility welcomed.

Make a paper sign for students to run through.

Put some high energy leaders in costumes to build momentum.

Game Play:

Keep all the students moving up in a different room at the beginning of your program.

Bring all other students and leaders into the room you gather in. Tell them to make these new students feel more welcomed than ever and to yell and give high fives to every new student as they come running in. Create a tunnel by the door that the new students can run through.

Have a countdown for students to run into the room when it strikes zero. Have them lead with high energy leaders or those in costumes. Shower them in candy. Make their day!

Connect With Us:

Do you have a question about this game? Did you play this game with your group? Did you modify it for your context? Did you add something to it to make it more exciting and fun? Please tell us about it by leaving a comment below! We would love to connect with you and there are thousands of youth workers that would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Do You Know Other Youth Workers?

You know what to do. Share this with them, email this link to them, who wouldn’t want to know about a free archive of Youth Pastor tested games with complete descriptions, pictures, and videos!? Hopefully this website will make their life a little easier.

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