National Flashlight Day: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

If you haven’t noticed, we love playing games that celebrate random/weird holidays. So to celebrate National Flashlight Day (Dec 21), we played a game where students race as a 3 person team to put together a puzzle in complete darkness – except they have a flashlight. The first team to complete their puzzle wins!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Puzzles. We bought 24 piece puzzles for this game that were rated for ages 3-7. They ended up being perfect – we wanted the actual race to take under 60 seconds and with the lack of light, the multiple hands grabbing pieces, and the size of the puzzle, it fit right into our difficulty window.

2. Flashlights. We bought the cheapest plastic flashlights we could find and they worked great.


No prep except open the puzzle boxes, make sure the pieces are mixed up inside, and make sure the flashlights have batteries. That’s it.

Game Play:

To add a little excitement to the game, we made our teams run across the room in the dark with their flashlight to actually retrieve their box of puzzle pieces, and then run back to their table to put it together. I was actually worried about have kids run in the dark but it ended up being injury free. And it was definitely cool for everyone watching to see the teams run with their flashlights in the dark, it added a little bit of energy to the game which was great.

Like I mentioned earlier, we played with teams of 3, and we actually had 4 teams compete at a time. All 3 team members were allowed to help with the puzzle and one of them had to hold the flashlight. It was definitely cool to play a game in complete darkness because our kids have never experienced that before. It added some excitement and energy, and when you have music blasting in the dark it’s always a fun time.

Connect With Us:

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