So, friends, we’ve come to an end of this series of posts on how to make your office more awesome. In case you missed it, we’ve already talked about de-cluttering your workspace, wooden pallet walls, custom dry erase boards, t-shirt walls, and a magnetic chalkboard wall.

To wrap things up, I want to leave you with just a few more sources of inspiration for the design of your office. You’ve already seen some small snippets of our offices this week, but I heard a rumor that some of you might want to see the rest of our spaces. So… here you go! Hope it helps.



WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT: My volunteer wall, IKEA EXPEDIT bookshelf ($69.99), IKEA KLUDD Noticeboards ($19.99), my custom dry erase boards, IKEA ALEX Drawer Unit ($119.00), IKEA SVARTASEN Laptop Stand ($21.99), The Container Store Stockholm Paper Drawers ($19.99).



WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT: Austin’s wooden pallet wall, IKEA EXPEDIT bookshelf ($69.99), metal panel ($10-20).



WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING AT: metal panels ($10-20), IKEA EXPEDIT bookshelf ($139.00), Kenny’s t-shirt wall, a lot of cereal marshmallows, and some Nerf guns.

Still need more inspiration? My favorite places to find great ideas for workspace design are Design*Sponge and 99u. Design*Sponge has tons of photos of beautiful workspaces and studios, and 99u has a bunch of helpful articles on how to make your workspace cool and more efficient. Check them out!

Hope this series has been helpful! Got any cool office design ideas you want to throw into the mix? Let’s see your cool spaces!