On The Spot Rap Battle: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

We recently started doing these “On The Spot” segments and this one happened to be a “Rap Battle”.  Here’s how it worked… At the very beginning of our program we asked for 2 contestants that wanted to write a 45 second rap and perform it 15 minutes later. Both contestants took their music track, a pad of paper, and came back in 15 minutes. The contestants performed their rap and the crowd voted for who they thought was the best by cheering.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. A 45 second music track. We put a 45-60 second clip onto CDs and gave each team a CD player so they could write and practice.

2. Space To Write. You’ll need to send them out of your main area and into somewhere isolated so they can have an intense 15 minutes of writing.


You’ll need to create a 45-60 second clip of an instrumental rap beat ahead of time so both contestants can write and practice.

Game Play:

Like I mentioned earlier, we just started doing these “On The Spot” segments and our students love them. So far we’ve done an “On The Spot Stand Up Comedian”, “On The Spot Dance Crew“, and now “On The Spot Rap Battle”. The basic idea is students only get 15 minutes to prepare their act, then they have to compete head to head with another student or team in front of everyone.

As soon as our program starts we introduced this game and asked for volunteers who wanted to compete. We needed 2 contestants who wanted to battle. We gave each rapper a cd player with the 45 second track, told them to leave the room and put together a rap, and we would get them in 15 minutes.

During those 15 minutes we played a different game with our students in our main room. After the 15 minutes was up we gathered the rappers back into our main area and gave each contestant a chance to perform. After each contestant performed we brought both contestants on stage and let the crowd decide who the winner was.

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