Pantskiball: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Have you ever considered using giant pants and launching dodge balls into the crowd to be collected in your oversized pants? Well we did and it was awesome.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Giant Pant. Heres how this works. Go to Walmart and find the biggest par of sweat pants you can find, we are talking XXXL pants. Also purchase a hula hoop. Place the hula hoop on the interior of the elastic band and zip tie it in place. Welcome to the club, you now own giant pants!!
2. Dodgeballs. Anything that won’t hurt that is about the size of a soccer ball or smaller will work here.
3. Ramp. You don’t need a ramp but this was how we launched the dodgeball into the crowd. You could throw them behind your back so it feels fair if you wanted to. There is not specific way to do this, you are just going to want to get them to your people in the giant pants.




Create your giant pants and a ramp if you so desire.
Tape out a square where those with giant pants should stay.



Game Play:

For 60 seconds dodge balls will be launched into the square section that all the contestants with giant pants are located. The contestant with the most dodge balls in their giant pants at the end of 60 seconds is the winner.


Connect With Us:

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