Picnic Board Racing: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A good old fashion game. An oldy but a goody. This is a classic game that has a timeless affect on people of all ages. You can use this to have a race, but also use it as an object lesson when talking about team work or communication. Check out our Build it Yourself section and learn how to build them.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Picnic Boards. We have given you all the instruction on how to make them HERE.


Determine the start and finish line for your race. Have students create their own teams of three, or select random students to be on a random team.

Game Play:

On your go, teams must race from the start line, and completely cross the finish line to win. You can add different rules based on how talented your students are. (i.e. If someone’s foot hits the ground they have to go back to the beginning, or players must switch while staying on the boards half way through the race. You’re creative; you can make some crazy rules to fit your context!)

Connect With Us:

Do you have a question about this game? Did you play this game with your group? Did you modify it for your context? Did you add something to it to make it more exciting and fun? Please tell us about it by leaving a comment below! We would love to connect with you and there are thousands of youth workers that would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

Do You Know Other Youth Workers?

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