PICTIONARY: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is a fun way to use the whole room while also keeping a high level of anticipation and excitement. It’s classic pictionary that everyone loves but on a larger scale with more people!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Big White Boards. Whatever whiteboards you have, bring them! If they are all the same style and size that’s even better.
2. Dry Erase Markers. One for each board.
3. Pictionary Words. You can make up your own or purchase the game and use those.


Place a white board in each corner of the room.

Split up everyone into 4 teams.

Find a place in the middle of the room that is equal distance from all whiteboards.


Game Play:

Put each team into a different corner of the room. Each team should all be around their own whiteboard.

Each team must select one person to draw each round.

Meet the people drawing in the middle of the room.

Give them each the same word. On your go they must run back to their team’s whiteboard and begin to draw. They are not allowed to talk.

Once their team guesses what they are drawing the whole team must sit on the floor to signify they have won that round.

Each team can then send up a new person to draw and start a new round.

The team that wins the most rounds is the winner.


Connect With Us:

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