Ping Pong Blast: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A high energy game full of strategy and lots of movement. See who can be the first team to fill their tube with ping pong balls

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Clear PVC. You might be able to find this at your local Hardware store, but we bought these 4 foot long pieces from Amazon.
2. Ping Pong Balls. 75-100 total will be good.




Prop up your PVC pipes. We drilled holes in a piece of wood to allow the PVC pipe to be held upright.
Decide how you will scatter the ping pong balls. We used air cannons to launch the ping pong balls across the room but you can fill a bucket or two with them and then scatter them that way.


Game Play:

The game is fairly simple. The first team to fill their PVC tube to the top with Ping Pong Balls is the winner.
Contestants may collect the ping pong balls in whatever way they want. The first team to overflow their tube is the winner.


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