Ping Pong Grid Out: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

This is a great game we played at our Winter Retreat. There is no defense, which means everyone has to work together on their own team to try and come out on top. There is communication and skill needed to be the champion of this game!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. 1,000 ping pong balls

2. Clear PVC tubes (x12). You can find them HERE

3. Buckets. Drill a 2inch hole in the bottom of these buckets, allowing the PVC pipe to fit in there snug.

4. Soccer Cones. We used the soccer cones that are used for soccer drills and flipped them upside down so that when a ping pong ball enters the bucket it gets funneled into the clear PVC pipe. HERE

5. Colored Spray Paint. We got the cheapest kind from Walmart. Use these to spray paint the buckets so that teams know which bucket to shoot into.

6. Spike Tape. We used this to create our life sized grids. This stuff is amazing! It is so bright but will not leave a sticky residue when you pull it up. Get some HERE

7. Grid Print Outs. You can create your own our use the ones we have already created HERE.




1. Use your spike tape to make 5×5 grids. We made each square of the grid 3ftx3ft.

2. Attach the clear tubes to the buckets and place them in each quadrant. Place the soccer cones upside down in the bucket to function as a funnel. We constructed bases for the PVC/bucket structures so they would stand upright.

3. Spread the ping pong balls out in the middle of the room

4. Make sure you have the grids printed out. You will need one for every team competing.



Game Play:

There is two phases to this game:


Phase 1:

This part of the game will decide what teams will participate in the round, and how many from each team. 


Teams will be separated into their own quadrants in each corner of the gym. In their quadrant is a 5×5 grid made of tape on the ground. Each round teams will have to replicate a grid that has a certain number of dots on it, by putting people in the squares that have dots on them. They will have 30 seconds to do this. There will always be 3 different options you can replicate. They will vary due to the round (full team, guys round, girls round, etc.) You can choose to replicate a grid with 13, 8, or 5 people. Once the 30 seconds is over, if your team has correctly replicated the grid they chose, the people in that grid can participate in the next phase for their team. If a team incorrectly replicates a grid, they cannot participate in the next phase for this round, which sucks so do it right.


Phase 2:

This is where teams will be competing for points  

This is where people will need to run and pay attention to the other set up in the gym. In the middle of the gym, there is a pile of ping pong balls on the floor, that they will need to run to. Students can only pick ping pong balls up with there hands, so how ever many they can fit in there hands is fine. In every quadrant is a tube for every team, and color coordinated buckets on each tube. The goal of the game is to fill your team tube up to the top with ping pong balls, and whoever does that first will win that quadrant, and that quadrant has been won. So once every quadrant in the gym, has been won the round is over. Teams will be trying to win every quadrant that they can. Each quadrant won is worth points.


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