POISON CHAIR : Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A classic youth group game that is just down right fun! Oh and remember don’t touch the chair!!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. People. You need people to play.
2. Chairs. Depending on how many people you have playing you might want to have a few chairs in the circle at the beginning of the game.


Clear out the room so it’s a big open space. Place your chair(s) in the middle of the room and have everyone hold hands around the chairs.


Game Play:

Everyone should be holding hands around the chair(s).

If at any point someone touches the chair with any part of their body they are out.

If at any point two people are no longer holding hands both of those people are out.

You can push, pull, jump and dodge anything and everything but you must continue to hold the hands of the people next to you.

As people touch the chair and get out and people do not hold hands and also get out the circle gets smaller and smaller. The chair always remains in the middle of the circle.

The winner is the last person to not touch the chair.


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