Q-Tip Shootout: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

2 teams of 3 players each race to knock 16 ping pong balls off of golf tees by shooting q-tips out of straws standing 7 feet away.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Q-Tips, Straws, Ping Pong Balls, Golf Tees. These are the easy items. Depending on how many rounds you plan on playing make sure you have enough straws and q-tips. Since each team is shooting at 16 ping pong balls, have 32 plus extras in case they get stepped on or roll away.

2. A Homemade Golf Tee Stand. We made ours out of 2×4 pieces of wood and drilled holes in the top for the tees. But if you don’t have access to wood or drills, you could try and find some kind of dense styrofoam at a craft store that you could push the golf tees into.


Building the golf tee stand will be the toughest part of the prep, everything else is just making sure you bought all your supplies. We placed the wooden stands on high tables so the students weren’t shoot down. Another thing to think about is you’ll want some volunteers picking up the ping pong balls during the game so you don’t lose them and you can get the game set for the next round quickly.

Game Play:

2 teams of 3 students play head to head and stand next to each other as they race to be the first team to knock down all 16 of their ping pong balls using straws and q-tips. They basically have an unlimited amount of arsenal so it’s rapid fire until one team knocks off all their ping pong balls. Here’s an important tip: insert the q-tip in the side of the straw closest to your mouth. If you put the q-tip in the opposite end, it won’t go anywhere.

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