Rank That Trivia: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Honestly a game I constantly go back to just for how good it is at including everyone and a game everyone can get behind. Trivia with a little bit of a twist.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. White Boards. You can find THESE at the dollar store. They come with a marker with attached eraser. You can’t find much better of a deal out there!

2. Trivia Questions. You will want these questions to have a list of items.

For example:

Rank these four bears from heaviest to lightest (lbs.)

  1. North American Black Bear (600 lbs)
  2. Brown Bear (1,500 lbs)
  3. Polar Bear (1,100 lbs)
  4. Panda Bear (250 lbs)

The answer is as follows:


  1. Brown Bear (1,500 lbs)
  2. Polar Bear (1,100 lbs)
  3. North American Black Bear (600 lbs)
  4. Panda Bear (250 lbs)



Have each person playing or group of people playing grab a white board.

Have a collection of questions you can ask them.

Game Play:

Here is why I love this trivia more than others… you have all the answers already. It is inclusive to anyone. Anyone is able to answer because it is mostly just a guess anyways.

Ask the first part of the question and give them the options that they must rank. Have them write the order to which they think is correct on their white board. Give them about 60 seconds to decide.

After 60 seconds have each person with a white board hold it above their head. You are to only reveal one item at a time. If they do not have the same first item as what is correct they are now out and must sit down. Then reveal the second item on the list. Anyone not having the first and second items right on the list are now out. Do this for all items on the list, only revealing one at a time. Usually there is only one or a few people who are able to list everything out correctly!

Connect With Us:

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