Shovel Standoff: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

A great way to incorporate a bunch of stuff you may have lying around already! Not only that but its a bunch of fun for your students to sling anything using a shovel.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Nets (x2). We used the soccer nets that we have for our upwards sports program but you can just as easily use cones or tape a goal onto a wall.

2. Playpen Balls. As always you can do some much with these things!! We put out about 100 for this game

3. Shovels (x6). If you don’t know was a snow shovel is, it’s probably because you don’t live up north. We purchased ours from five below.


Set up both of your goals to face each other.

Tape down a line about 15ft feet from the goal to give some room for the goalie to make a save

Scatter the playpen balls in the middle zone between the two tape lines.

Game Play:

The game is simple. There are two teams of two. One shooter and one goalie per team.

The shooter from one team shots on the goalie from the other team and vise verse. This is happening simultaneously.

Shooters receive one shovel

Goalies receive two shovels

With 60 seconds on the clock the shooter will use one shovel to shoot one playpen ball at at time. The goalie then has the task of stopping that playpen ball.

The team with the most goals at the end of 60 seconds is the winner.

Connect With Us:

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