Spitball Spaceman: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Every wonder how you can incorporate space helmets and spitballs together in one game? We did too and it’s pretty awesome!

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Space helmets. These are clear orbs that we bought off of amazon and cut a whole big enough to get your head inside.

2. Straws (Bubble Tea straws work best). One per person attending your event or ministry night.

3. Boxes of tissues. You will want to have about one box per 20 people.

4. Ponchos / Garbage Bags. If you are trying to be nice and not have spitballs go all over your contestants these are good to have around.

5. Trap. Put this up behind the contestants wearing the space helmets.




Put a trash bag and space helmet on each of your contestants

Give every person in the room a bubble tea straw

Lay out the tissues so everyone will have access to them.

Tarp behind where your students will be spitting their spitballs to make for easier clean up.



Game Play:

One student from each team has a space helmet on their head and a trash bag/poncho on. Meanwhile everyone else is spitting spitballs at their teammates helmet and trying to get them to stick. The team with the most spitballs stuck on the helmet at the end wins


Connect With Us:

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