Spontaneous Pillow Fight: Youth Group Games

Quick Overview:

Not so much of a game with a winner but more so a way to create an awesome buzz as your students are arriving or just hanging out during the course of the night. You could pull it out and have a battle with many students in one night or just bring it out once a week to duel with a different student each week.

Supplies You’ll Need:

1. Pillow (x2). Seriously? Yes, that’s all you need for a pillow fight.


Find someone in your youth group who is extremely fun. Could be you, could be an awesome leader or even a student and give them the task of creating a super fun environment for that evening!

Game Play:

The game is simple. Walk up to someone. Don’t challenge them or ask them nicely if they want to have a pillow fight. NO!! It works much better if you use the element of surprise and allow students to think, “wait… what is happening?”

Toss that person a pillow and immediately start the pillow fight. They will understand what is happening and fight back don’t worry.

This has lead to so many laughs in our youth group and allow us to break down some of the walls that our student walk in the door with!

Try it, I bet you wont regret it!

Connect With Us:

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